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The Midwest Center for Botanical Documentation is a visual archive of the common, rare, threatened and endangered species of wildflowers, grasses and https://burberry-outlet.timeswatch.net/ sedges native to Illinois and the Midwest.

The Center aims to present images ( black and white drawings and colored watercolor paintings ) that are scientifically accurate while also satisfying an artistic and aesthetic point-of-view. So that in the final analysis each and every piece of botanic documentation ought be a perfect marriage of science and art.

The archive is designed to meet the reference and professional needs of conservationists, botanists, educators, communicators, publishers and the public at large.

To this end, the Center makes available botanical images that serve to assist in the communication and further the interests of conservation science, botany and horticulture. Images are available for all modes of public information.

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The Midwest Center for Botanical Documentation is a not-for-profit organization

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